108 and 110

Inca, Mallorca, Spain
Chiara Ferrari Studio
AR3 arquitectos
Grimalt de Blanch

A less is more approach elevates this period redesign in the heart of Mallorca. Locally based designer Chiara Ferrari transformed a 1934 leather factory into a mixed-use scheme, comprising residential, office, and cultural spaces. The building's two levels were fully transformed through Ferrari's signature, fresh, clean minimalism, into a flexible live-and-work space, full of bespoke details.

Surgical interventions to the sturdy, existing 20th century building fabric (with the aid of local studio AR3 arquitectos), opened up the interior, bringing in natural light. Now, the complex contains living areas, study, bedroom, bathroom and a laundry at the top; and an adaptable flowing ground level with enough space for an integrated sleeping area, a separate bathroom and storage.

While several elements were kept and restored to their former glory, such as the original locally made 1930s terrazzo floor, more, custom-made furniture and fittings were introduced—many co-created with Italian metal furniture and solutions company Fantin, who Ferrari represents on the island. As well as a studio and showcase gallery for Ferrari's work in space and product, the more public-facing ground floor, titled '110', will also serve as a hub for the local creative community; a place for makers, designers and the wider public in Mallorca to gather, celebrate, and discuss ideas.

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