industrial design

Slovenia is gradually making itself be known for interesting and exciting design, especially when their resources are put to good use. Ribnica Valley is known for their bucolic landscape and, unsurprisingly, for their woodenware production. A clever fusion of the local region and brand made way for Ribrand, a perfect wordplay for rebrand and opportunity for change.

The modern take is the result of a very successful collaboration between design studio Mashoni and the Ribnica Handicraft Centre. Ribrand not only stands proudly as an ambassador for its heritage, but also confidently opens new paths for sustainable products. The Wood for Food collection is the flagship representation of functionality and simplicity. Guided by geometric motifs, each piece is unique but still very much part of the ensemble.

The star pieces are definitely the kitchen utensils trio: the spoon for stirring; a fork for pinching and a spatula for scraping. Each one with a very distinct format and a hidden magnet for storing purposes. The supporting pieces such as the chopping boards and platters are reliable with their classic but sturdy build. Finally, two archetypal wooden houses are the friendly Salt & Pepper shakers. A minimalism enthusiast is well served with this hefty collection.

A few words from the lead designer, Janez Mesaric:

To me, Ribrand is a synonym for quirky and useful wooden products. Products that are simple and inviting, with a consistent approach that functionality is the key to success. Wood is a very much alive material, which transforms and reflects how it’s being treated. If you treat it with care, it will stay with you for years to come.

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