House of Trough


Nestled alongside an undesirable industrial yard in Japan lies the tiny House of Trough. The unattractive surroundings inspired the home's architect, Jun Igarashi, to focus the attention of the inhabitants inward, on the home itself. Igarashi used a series of platforms, catwalks, and sheer curtains to divide the relatively open floor plan into separate living areas. The main living area, bordered by two catwalks, lies appropriately at the center of the home. Accessible by ladders, the catwalks lead to the bedrooms and other utility areas. The home has no outside space, but the changes in height and unique spaces of the home create a stunning interior landscape.

The House of Trough is a home defined by space. Open space. I love how the architect created such a dynamic environment using minimal materials and room dividers. I am a huge fan of the many platforms and catwalks. They are so beautiful, but I hope the inhabitants have a strong sense of spatial awareness so they don't fall off! Overall, this is a unique project which exhibits an elegant use of open space.

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