Apartment L

Yevhenii Avramenko

As minimalism grows its influence and presence throughout the world, its strong identity points start to unravel towards new trends and daring variations. Breaking the mould of the fully white-clad minimalist project is Apartment L, located in the city of Kiev, Ukraine. Designed by DA GROUP, the 43sqm flat is a love letter to dark tones; showcasing a surprising array of textures and inventiveness.

The initial premise of the dwelling is to serve as a place for resting—a cozy lair. Hence the perfect context to play with the idea of public and privacy. Alternating between what can be considered social areas to become, in a fell swoop, a secluded space. The architects skilfully designed several pulling systems to uphold curtains throughout the apartment. From the living room, to the kitchen, to the private quarter—all areas vulnerable to transformation.

The “black cube” aesthetic is beautifully translated through a series of tone variations, from the black theatre-like curtains, to the graphite walls and absolute stark panels scattered around the small apartment. The dutch plywood floor brings a welcome variation, the only element that dares to rival the dark palette.

It is important to note the use of neon lights throughout the apartment, which are a particular highlight of the kitchen. Acting as a halo branching out the central island, the geometry of the white light acts as an ornament; acting as a playful visual element amidst a stoic interior. The bathroom is also gifted with a bonus light element; doubling down on the importance of small interventions in minimalism.

Apartment L is a beautiful example of functionality aiming for tranquility as its central concept. It does break a few rules, but makes wonderful cases for novel standards in contemporary urban architecture.

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