Matthieu Girel and Egli Studio

Just imagine your office space could radiate the same minimalist atmosphere as your home. In fact, from looking at the Hypercollection, designed by Matthieu Girel and Egli Studio from Switzerland, it seems like a work place is even better suited to be fully compliant with a minimalist attitude.

The Hypercollection offers a new answer to the needs observed in open spaces. The shelf, lamp, table, low table, sofa, and wardrobe can be adapted to various contexts and can not only be used to create perfect working conditions, but also to structure a place without closing it in.

The design is linear and pure. But it still offers an atmosphere of identification; a chance to adapt to very personal needs, thus welcoming everyone who would be working within the Hypercollection individually. This design collection is not only a working environment, it is also a living environment. And as most of us spend more time at work than at home, this should be the standard for any kind of furniture in an office. Thank you Matthieu Girel and Egli Studio, for creating a collection which should become a paradigm.

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