4.1.4 House


4.1.4 House was designed by multidisciplinary studio AS/D. Located in Jurica, Mexico, this weekend house takes a unique approach to the traditional holiday retreat. The functions of the house are divided into four separate volumes. Three of the volumes contain bedrooms and bathrooms for different generations of a large family. The living and dining spaces are located in the fourth volume. The structures are arranged smartly around a central courtyard. This courtyard connects the four buildings and provides an outdoor gathering place for the residents.

The majority of the buildings are clad in pure white stucco, interrupted by long panes of steel-framed glass. Accents of wood fill in the façade where needed. The courtyard is paved in granite and punctured by small, rectangular gardens and reflecting pools. The interior features simple white walls that meet a glamorous white marble floor.

The arrangement of 4.1.4 House allows a large family to weekend together while still maintaining the separate spaces desired by different generations. Each branch of the extended family stays in semi-privacy, yet all come together for meals and activities. 4.1.4 House is the perfect solution for the challenge of vacationing with extended family.

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