Tyris Chair


Chair design has evolved considerably over the years and it has been and still is affected by the tendencies of the design world. Ergonomics are necessary when it comes to the product and furniture design and this piece is no exception.

The Tyris Chair, designed by Odosdesign for contemporary furniture producer Punt, has an unmistakably modern form. The chair consists of three elements: a comfortable seat and backrest, slender legs, and a subtle metal structure to join them together. The simplicity is what makes it look distinctive in its own right. The structure of the chair also offers an opportunity to combine different finishes.

From the seat, which can be either wood or upholstered, to the legs and the metal structure, they are available in various colours to suit one’s taste. Mixed with the upholstery, it makes a great juxtaposition of a modern and comfortable design piece. Tyris is a chair that could sit well within a home interior or indeed working or public spaces.

The chair as an object is considered one of the most perfect expressions of modern design. And the Tyris chair represents the needed simplicity which is crucial in the furniture industry. Tyris is designed to complement any space and integrate effortlessly into your chosen ambience.

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