White Line House


Located in the city of Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, Nravil Architects have developed White Line House with the main goal of not harming the beautiful natural landscape where the construction is situated, whilst also minimising the necessary excavations. The architects tell us:

The exterior of the house is conceived, that would look different from different sides and due to this you can enjoy the view of a non-repetitive exterior. Appearance and interior support the same colour, emphasising the severity and unity of the house. Panoramic energy-saving windows from both sides of the house evoke a feeling of complete openness and privacy with nature.

The glass has a reflective property to reflect the whole environment, merging the house with it, and the interior features monochromatic white colour that maximises the sense of space and offers a feeling of cleanliness and relaxation for the residents.

Personally however, what I really admire in White Line House is the contrast between the simple and clean lines with the concrete frame, finished with aggressive angles that gives the house a distinctive and memorable design.

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