graphic design

Located in the centre of Parnell, New Zealand, Edition is a new 18 luxury apartment complex designed by architects Monk Mackenzie and interior design studio Bureaux.

With its imminent construction, the developers contacted New Zealand-based Studio South to create an identity design along with sales material to promote the project. The studio explains:

We were heavily influenced by the architecture of Monk Mackenzie—from the building's modernist forms, the colour palette and in particular the glass brick façade making its way into all areas of our work. We wanted to capture the essence of the building and translate it into a unique identity to help Edition distinguish itself in Auckland's crowded apartment market.

A rectangle is used throughout most of the marketing elements—brochure and brochure sleeve, sales book and box, invitations, floor plans, and business cards—on black and on a very electric blue. These features makes the brand recognisable and vibrant, with different finished that generates elegant reflections and contrasts to achieve a feeling of luxury. Minimalist luxury at that.

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