Timbre Table Bell

industrial design

Surely, one of the most iconic objects in a hotel reception desk is the table bell. Heard throughout corridors, it is both visual and sonically recognisable as being part of an industry.

A modern table bell by Tokyo-based Timbre, whose creative line of products are aimed to enrich life using gentle sounds generated by subtle movements. Designer Gen Suzuki lends his expertise to re-imagine the attention-seeking bell to its minimal variance. From the first glance, it's clear the bell subverts expectations; long gone is the gold or silver clad variation, in comes a beautiful matte-finished black or white. The combination of die-cast zinc with muted colours is welcome, guaranteeing durability and a new bid for a timeless design.

Ode to Things remains as one of the most interesting collections of unique design pieces, and the Timbre Table Bell is no exception. Keep an eye out for it on design conscious establishments with a penchant for minimalism. Better yet, at your own home.

Photography courtesy of Ode to Things.

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