Perfect Storm

Nicholas Watt
Killing Matt Woods
Lucia Braham
Green Anvil Co

Dubbed 'the concrete bunker' for its deliberate use of rendered finishes, and rejection of ornamentation, this Camperdown apartment [Perfect Storm] for two design professionals was conceived as an intimate, yet utilitarian environment. Inspired by Brutalism and the local warehouse vernacular, extruded geometries and moody tones result in a minimalist and precise interior.

Camperdown is a suburb area of Sydney, Australia, with a context of Victorian architecture. As a residential zone, rising modernist projects create a monotonous uniformity that turns the desire of individuality outside in, resulting in diverse settings of interior. The outer facades become shells that hold unique characteristics of the inhabitants, and the inner space becomes a separate environment for dwelling.

Designed by Killing Matt Woods—a Sydney-based interior design studio, Perfect Storm is a minimalist project that sets an exceptional tone for a contemporary home of two clients who work in the creative industry. Converted from a warehouse, the project is walled with a marbling grey of cement inspired by Brutalist architecture. While this inspiration cue is often utilised on the exterior, by reversing the composition, the designers were able to create a space completely independent from outside visual contexts.

In contrast with monolithic surfaces, metallic furnishes inform the area’s industrial heritage. The slight addition of long thin lines throughout the space, such as the graceful chandelier above the kitchen or the neatly arranged shelves opposing the living room, fills up the space in an eclectic manner. The scattered presence of ceramic vases and sculptural art objects softens up the mood, along with occasional insertions of wooden applications. Perhaps within a raw space like this the spotlight shines onto statement pieces like the voluminous couch or leather-cushioned chair, where forms are more organic compared to the sharp geometry of partitions.

Continuing with the usage of cement, the designers turn the staircase’s railing into a diagonal plane of solidity, wrapping around the mezzanine like a barrier for privacy and intimacy for the elevated bedroom. Above, sharp intersections are curved to reminisce of Victorian arches—a subtle yet elegant reference to Camperdown base visual. Within this small space, other details are also corresponding to rounded edges as a way to keep a consistency in the design language, like the bathroom’s circular door handle or the curved-top resting mirror. This change gives ease and comfort to the generous use of cement for a homelier feel, complemented with the loft’s double-height opening for a bright and warm atmosphere.

Not only does Perfect Storm embrace the values of Minimalism in appearance, it also encompasses smart and minimal material usage for a more sustainable approach to design. By using VOC-free finishes, FSC timbers and Glass Reinforced Cement, the constant seek for contemporary materials has made this project exceptionally special and has given Killing Matt Woods a well deserved recognition of innovative design.

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