HANDVÄRK Lounge Chair

Emil Thorup
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What is it about lounge chairs that we enjoy so much? It’s one of those furniture pieces and interior staples that many of us enjoy researching and adding to our ever-growing wish-list. The latest of which is Emil Thorup’s design for HANDVÄRK. The minimalist Lounge Chair was the first chair in HANDVÄRK’s collection. It features a slim profile with perfect proportions, yet is surprisingly comfortable. This inviting chair is beautiful alone and arguably perfect as a pair. The handmade cushions are meticulously made to order and can be finished in custom leather or fabric.

Although not necessarily inspired by, the clean, classic, and geometric design draws on similarities with Loehr’s Euclides chair and A G Fronzoni’s ’64 Lounge Chair. Each design holding its own, respectfully.

The HANDVÄRK Lounge Chair is typically finished in leather. This material exudes exclusivity and can transform an object into something exceptional. Unlike a mass-produced material, each piece of leather is one of a kind. As a natural material, leather requires looking after. If you care for the leather in the right way, it will become even more beautiful over time.

Founder of HANDVÄRK and the designer of the first furniture collection, self-taught Emil Thorup was formerly a celebrated TV Host with a lifelong passion for architecture and design. He is greatly inspired by the Bauhaus movement and strives to minimise unnecessary theatrics in his design methodology, pursuing a Nordic warmth.

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