Bo Growth Headquarters

Valencia, Spain
DG Arquitecto Valencia
Nadis Design
Mariela Apollonio

Minimal workspaces are often overlooked in favour of the design of homes and hotels and the like. Yet, there is hardly more fitting of a space for minimalism than in the office. With most work taking place digitally, and the increased flexibility desired from workspaces, there is all the more reason for offices to embrace minimalism. Bo Growth Headquarters is one such workplace.

The design, by DG Arquitecto Valencia, is an office conversion for a boutique organisation specialising in consulting and career placement. The challenge was to take the existing space—a dark and highly compartmentalised office—and transform it into a modern workplace. Without much natural light it was necessary to choose the right materials to bring brightness to the space.

The walls are of course painted a bright white, and the floors are fashioned from a light concrete tile. Translucent glass panels act as wall dividers while allowing light to pass from space to space. The semi-transparent dividers also bring a touch of softness to the areas they touch; the diffused light is very soothing.

Aside from the floors and walls, the main material used in the space is a warm oak. The oak is a lovely choice; the natural wood lends a peaceful air to the office, a nice contrast to the sterile metals and plastics seen in most offices today. To keep the design simple, the oak wood is used on everything from the furniture to wall dividers to the trim around the doors and windows.

The workplace is organised with a central patio—a smart choice aesthetically and functionally. Visually, the courtyard maximises the amount of light in the office, which is especially important considering the limited openings on the exterior. Functionally, the patio provides an outdoor location for employees to rest and recharge.

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