BV Clinic

Oviedo, Spain
Francesc Rifé Studio
Javier Márquez

Despite all its minimalist ingredients, this project is marked by the richness of its composition.

This is how architect Francesc Rifé sees his studio's latest interior project, BV Clinic. Leaving aside the usual coldness associated with healthcare architecture, the new design for the Bousoño Vargas dental clinic in Oviedo marks an important new step for the owners towards a much more serene and rational project.

To achieve a calm atmosphere for patients, natural light plays an emotional role that goes beyond lighting the space. Through the nuanced optical glass used as walls, the aim is to recreate the clarity entering from the facade inside all cabinets. The translucency of this material also helps to create less visible subspaces without making them feel completely isolated.

The project’s main materials is a warm grey mortar, chosen for its hardness and hygienic properties. The waiting room is mainly designed with the same material, including the waiting benches that have been configured following a simple combination of geometric planes. In this room begins a constant dialogue between the mortar and the rest of the project's materials, such as the Verde Cáceres flamed natural stone, the translucent glass, and the oak wood arranged in vertical slats. Their combination defines the final aesthetic of each room.

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