COBRA Table Lamp

Elio Martinelli
Martinelli Luce

COBRA is a sinuously shaped lamp, dynamic and agile, like the serpent it is named after—an animal that oscillates to the music but is ready to spring into action. Designed by Elio Martinelli and manufactured in 1968 by Martinelli Luce, moulded using a unique material—thermosetting resin—in shiny white or black, it is proposed in the new red designer version after celebrating its 50 year anniversary. The new colour further enhances the dynamic nature of the COBRA lamp, making it even more captivating and precious.

Simplicity, pure geometric forms, but above all nature are the elements that inspired Elio Martinelli in his creations. And the COBRA lamp is a perfect example. Inscribable in a sphere, thanks to the rotation of the upper body, COBRA easily changes geometry, recalling its namesake animal, keeping the relationship between form, beauty, and charm unaltered while expanding its functionalities.

The simplicity and beauty of the lines have made COBRA a timeless lamp, projected towards the future, but also a unique piece, crown jewel of the Martinelli Luce collection, a reference for the world of design.

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