IISE Accessories


There are plenty of reasons to turn your gaze to South Korea when it comes to progressive fashion design. Seoul-based minimalist label IISE is one of them. The name translates into 2nd generation, though the makers of IISE won’t let us know why they chose it. But somehow the impression of a new start, honouring the knowledge and wisdom of all who came before, resonates in all the pieces that the team of IISE creates. And the way they chose to present the SS16 Accessories collection very much precipitates that impression.

It’s not only the meticulously crafted leather with a slight touch of patina in carefully chosen mute colours that feels modern but heart-warming at the same time. It is also the way the pieces are presented. With amazingly well styled looks from all presently existing collections on models posing mundanely but radiating an aura of sublimity. And that’s one aspect I personally very much love about the new minimalism from South Korea: a compelling fusion of street credibility and grandeur.

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