Fuoco Side Table

Andrea Ponti

Fuoco is a side table designed by Andrea Ponti that combines traditional Japanese craftsmanship and aesthetics with modern Italian design and manufacturing techniques. The side table has an impressive, gracefully curved surface. The slightly concave top plate and the three rounded legs are gently dented, so that it lets in more reflected light, enhancing the beauty of the lacquer.

Manufactured by Hyobodo in Kyoto, Japan, Fuoco's fiery red hue and ultra-glossy finish add depth and boldness. CNC machining gives the side table its perfect proportion, rounded corners, and precisely cut edges. Ponti has designed Fuoco to fit well in most home interiors thanks to its minimalist shape and compact volume. At the same time, it stands out for its dramatic lines and bright colour. Minimalism, after all, isn't determined by the colour, it's determined by the number of colours. The Italian name Fuoco (fire) references the product’s visual features, with a connotation of hearth and warmth. Fuoco is a playful, modern take on an established craft: it combines east and west, past and present, and gives new life to a long-lasting tradition.

Hyobodo is an expert in lacquer crafts. They produce and restore many Japanese temples and shrines and arts and crafts. Hyobodo explores new expressions by creating various arts that are connected to the present age with various materials unique to Japan such as lacquer, Japanese paper, gold leaf, and patina. Incorporating traditional lacquer techniques and expressions just before the lacquer work is completed, Hyobodo develops it into art panels and products.

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