K Series


Instrmnt's latest offering, K Series is a perfect culmination of the brand's ethos; considered-ness, restraint and innovation. Available in three models, K-31 (silver), K-61 (gunmetal) and K-100 (black), this timepiece is an evolved version of their previous leather strap options, introducing a specially engineered Italian-made NBR rubber strap, and is their first entirely vegan product range. The piece’s versatility is then further showcased in the beautifully emotive photographic display, by Neil Bedford.

In line with Instrmnt’s dedication to process, the experience of creation and putting together of the piece on purchase, is unchanged. From the beginning, the wearer is engaged with the clearly faultless engineering and innovation. The owner is taken on a journey from the beginning, from unveiling the perfectly designed packaging and its contents, and seeing the piece come together, by hand.

The K Series is essentially a collection of greys—3 shades to be specific (100%, 61% and 31% dilution of true black)—and is named after the CMYK printing process. With a face measuring 40mm of beautiful steel casing, the 18mm thick strap is a discreet and functional offering, to complement the discerning among us. Glasgow-based Instrmnt are to be highly commended on their clear dedication to innovation and evolution of their brand.

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