House Giacomelli Schmid

Trin Mulin, Switzerland

Hard shell, soft core; a three-storey detached house designed by CAMINADA with an almost square floor plan and steep gable roof. Precisely placed in the environment. House Giacomelli Schmid is located in Trin Mulin, Switzerland in the middle of randomly arranged single-family houses. The single-storey annex anchors the house in the landscape and defines access.

The minimalist structure consists of load-bearing exterior walls as well as semi-storey overstretched concrete ceilings. The core is completely made of wood and self-supporting, the outer shell is consistently designed in concrete. The roof is constructed analogously to the facade. The concrete surface as well as the formwork pattern were created from vertically arranged, standardised large-area formwork. The light colour of the concrete resulted from the local cement. The unpretentious application of local concrete gives the building its authentic expression, which lasts against the impressive mountain scenery.

Inside, the rooms are arranged half-storey around a continuous core, through which they are also accessed. This defines a partially oversized representative ground floor, as well as an almost sacred room on the upper floor to withdraw. Each room is individual in its shape and proportion. Accordingly, the large-format windows are arranged. Their size and placement provide targeted views of the alpine landscape and underline the monolithic expression of the building.

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