w182 Pastille

Industrial Facility

Wästberg is a Swedish lighting company who is collaborating with some of the world’s leading industrial designers to produce incredible objects for the home and office. One such collaboration is with Sam Hecht and Kim Colin. The duo are are partners and founders of the design office Industrial Facility in London. Their designs reflect both a meticulous attention to detail and a thoughtful consideration of its context, which is evident in the versatile table and floor lamp, w182 Pastille.

The lamp can be described as a pure disc of light, attached to a thin line. Its versatility and adaptability lies in the construction of the lamp head, allowing a variety of surfaces and spacial conditions to be illuminated. Different to task lamps that illuminate in a focused way; or table and pendant lamps that provide ambient light; w182 Pastille sees environments as surfaces to softly illuminate a wall, a floor, or a table. It is able to freely articulate between these surfaces by rotating up, down and around. It is a gentle light that is complimentary to interiors, that reflects how we would like to live and work.

Environmentally-friendly, w182 Pastille is comprised of bio-polyamide that is based on over 60% biologically sourced and recyclable material from the castor plant. A high-performance material, it provides warmth and strength and due to its lightness, it makes for very easy adjustment.

Emitting a warm and dimmable spread of light from a single LED, Hecht and Colin achieved this effect by reaching a state of equilibrium between its single light source, a large reflector, and large diffuser. The result is a new kind of simplicity where the diffuser itself is as malleable with the hand as any other part of the lamp.

Aside from its lighting quality, the w182 Pastille lamp can sit on a table, clamp to a desk or shelf, hang from a wall, stand high on a floor, or integrate into a table or wall surface with no visible cable. That is clean, and that is exceptionally well-designed.

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