Cornelia Bedroom Suite

West Village, NY, US
Magdalena Keck
Jeff Cate

Designed by Magdalena Keck, Cornelia Bedroom Suite takes the top floor of a West Village duplex apartment in New York City. 550 square feet bedroom and bath form a simple single space that can be divided with two large sliding panels to create various experiences.

In one scenario, the panels fully open the bathing area and conceal the television. In another, they close off the bathroom area for privacy. In yet another one, they stock to the left, only leaving a vertical opening between the spaces. In the last scenario, they stock off to the right side, exposing both: the bathing area and the television.

The minimal space is designed with an eye towards quiet well-being and rest. The material palette is composed with a focus on monochromatic tonality and textural richness. Edited to essentials, warm and minimal, it consists of honed travertine, natural white oak, stainless steel, and white paint. The bath is lined with the stone, including integrated sinks, the shower bench and drain. Rather than having seams, the shower floor stone is ground down towards the drain to facilitate water drainage. The frameless flush full-height doors and cabinetry take on the tonality of the adjacent materials. The hardware is concealed, except for the stainless-steel levers and the integrated pulls on the cabinetry.

The oak soaking bathtub is a nod to the ritual of bathing, its form in contrast with the 1970s Swedish milking stool—an intonation of tactility. Plumbing fittings by John Pawson were chosen for their elegant minimal form and warm material. The continuity of the oak floor with integrated wood steps and radiator grills unifies both areas, as does the architectural lighting.

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