F8 Series

Geckeler Michels

Berlin-based studio Geckeler Michels, led by David Geckeler and Frank Michels, introduces an innovative sofa group for Tecta. This collection comprises the armchair F8, the two-seater F8-2, and the three-seater F8-3, each piece blending traditional Bauhaus influences with a modern craving for comfort and coziness.

The design is characterised by its substantial size, allowing each piece to stand out as a sculptural element in any room. Despite their size, these pieces maintain a sense of lightness, thanks to the space underneath that creates an illusion of floating. The furniture's clear lines not only add to its aesthetic appeal but also provide structure and expression.

A notable feature of this ensemble is its use of wide corduroy fabric, which offers a tactile experience through its relieved stripes. This material choice is further enhanced by a distinct orthogonal crossed hatching, a signature detail that adds to the overall uniqueness of the design. Geckeler Michels' creation is a testament to their ability to merge bold volume with subtle details, resulting in a furniture collection that is striking, inviting, and simple.

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