Farbenmeer Office

Hamburg, Germany
Hannes Heitmüller

Located in Hamburg‘s district of Schanzenviertel, this simple, airy, and restrained two-storey office design was conceived by multidisciplinary design collective AENY (also based in Hamburg). The renovated space features soft colours and tactile textures that bring tranquility and support the notion of slowing down.

For the team of Farbenmeer GmbH, we designed a place that enables them to experience their work culture and fosters face-to-face exchange. The best part: we also moved in with them. We developed a holistic concept that restores the building's original structure and allows the space to breathe. We created a place that allows them to experience their work culture and promotes direct exchange: with haptic materials, analogue tools, and various options to focus, collaborate, meet, and relax.

When entering the space, the view falls through the long hallway into the pink coloured open kitchen, which is the heart of the office community. The concept on the lower floor is a combination of flexible agile areas and workstations for focused work. Steel framed glass walls separate the offices from the hallway. When needed, the self-organised project teams can flexibly divide the space. For more privacy, a second layer of light curtains can be pulled in front of the transparent walls. A clean colour palette and minimalist furnishing provide clarity amidst the vibrant neighbourhood.

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