House F

Gran Canaria, Spain
David Rodríguez

In the centre of Telde, in Gran Canaria lies an urban oasis, crossed by a network of irregular and narrow cobbled streets, which presents a fabric that is defined by old houses between party walls, giving shape to long white walls, barely interrupted by the wooden carpentry of the hollows of the facades of the dwellings.

House F, designed by XStudio, occupies one of the few empty plots in the area. The regulations of the area establish strict conditions that push for a solution that determines the position, size, and proportion of the openings of the main facade. The architects proposed a design that respects the environment, but one that must manifest its own time and place. In this way, the project is based on the gaps in the norm to present a radically white canvas, a deliberately austere house that sometimes opens onto the neighbourhood, while on other occasions it appears as a blank wall.

In its functional scheme, the house is organised around two generated voids: a central courtyard to which the staircase and rooms open, and another at the back of the plot, which frees up a large area for a south-facing garden. This allows an interior world to be created in which the spaces gravitate around the two voids, promoting visual relationships at the different levels, and being able to integrate the exterior rooms as part of the house. The concise palette of finishes moves in a balance of contrasts between cold and warm materials: concrete floors and ceilings, white walls and natural pine wood.

Based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, XStudio develops works of architecture, urbanism, and interior design, specialising in the integral design of residential spaces. The studio was founded in 2016 by architects Leticia Romero and Ancor Suárez Suárez, and in 2018, architect Marta Hernández also joined the team.

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