Concrete Colouring Table


Os & Oos’ familiar style of combining the eclectic and the special, brings this unique offering in the form of the Concrete Colouring Table. The combination of contrasting materiality, the opposing weighted-ness of the forms, and how they beautifully come together, is to be loudly applauded. The base, made from well-finished, formed concrete, is the stable for this piece. Combined then with the seemingly floating bent metal profile of the completing element of the table, sees the magic come to life.

Available in metal finishes of natural (unfinished), black powder-coated or a gold, aim to make this piece versatile in any space lucky enough to share its presence. The piece is 55cm in diameter and 40cm tall, and was conceived in 2012 as a concept piece.

Eindhoven-based Os & Oos celebrate the coming together of unique ideas, and how form is an extension of that vision. Only when an idea worth pursuing has been brought to the table, do they continue to develop it. The production of pieces, for the sake of production, opposes their ethos.

The resulting minimal and incredibly considered pieces, as per this one, are truly things of beauty.

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