Casa Touguinhó III


Casa Touguinhó III is an extraordinarily elegant white home set in the hills of a village in Portugal. Portuguese architects Raulino Silva Arquitecto designed this family dwelling to work with the surrounding landscape.

On the exterior, bright white walls are not only a gorgeous aesthetic choice (and minimalist's favourite) but the light façades reflect the Portuguese sun, keeping the home cool even in the dead of summer. Thoughtfully positioned windows let in the light where needed while helping to refrain some of the sun's heat.

Expanses of white, light wood floors, and a hint of stone comprise the interior materials. Not fussy or uppity, these materials support the home's relaxed vibe. Throughout the residence, large windows embrace the landscape while four covered patios let you walk right into it. The many sliding glass doors encourage indoor-outdoor living. The pool — a must have in a climate such as this — is set within the peaceful garden, providing a large and inviting area for outdoor play.

Casa Touguinhó III is a lovely residence that any family would be lucky to call home.

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