Weissraum Dental Surgery


Oh, dear. The sound of the dreaded drill from a recent dentist visit still lingers. The good news is that dental patients, in München can now reduce physical discomfort from dental procedures and still keep a healthy smile.

Weissraum Dental Surgery, by Stuttgart-based Ippolito Fleitz Group, has been named "Germany's most beautiful dental practice" for 2010. The design space takes full advantage of the building’s original historic character and architectural features; the stucco ornaments and ceiling heights are superb.

The term ‘weissraum’, which means white space, comes alive through a clean design of white architecture. The walls and ceilings glow in bright white. The white washed oak floor and the purple sofa in the seating area break the monastic whiteness of the space—a relaxed lounge-like, calming atmosphere.

A progressive architectural translation of the term "white space." I am left wanting more of Ippolito Fleitz Group’s understated goodness.

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