Stiff Pipe

industrial design

Stiff is a product design company based in Sweden, focusing on plastic as the core material of their designs. Launching themselves initially as pipemakers, they've recently uncovered the Stiff Pipe, the world’s first plastic pipe cast in one piece using polished thermo plastic.

Tobacco smoker or not (not, in my case), you can't help but appreciate this product's sleek design and beautiful swanky colors. The pipe is equipped with a briar wood tobacco chamber and is a result of the mixture of industrial know how and hand made techniques, a hybrid that is always appealing and refreshing in an industrialized world.

The Stiff Pipe Billiard limited edition was launched in Tokyo November 3rd, sold in numbered wooden boxes and coming in three minimalistic color combinations. According to the designers:

Pipe smoking is a guilty pleasure, one that isn’t necessarily good for you but brings a certain quality to life. It should be approached with a Dieter Rams-like ‘less, but better’ attitude, making sure that every drag counts.

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