industrial design

Thin lines and effortless functionality are but two mere elements of Daniel Rybakken’s Ascent table lamp designed for Luceplan. Presented at Euroluce, in Milan 2013, this piece is made from a combination of aluminium and technopolymer and is available in two alternate versions, with or without a standing base. In the base-less option, there exists an anchor bolt. In both options, the lamp is designed to be suitable for larger public spaces as well as domestic use.

Disassembled, the elements that comprise the Ascent table lamp are traditionally recognisable. However, its Rybakken’s reinterpretation of its reassembly that is impressive. Mounted on a slender vertical stem, by moving the head along the stem the light intensity goes from being turned off at the bottom position, to gradually ascending to the full light output at the top. This ease of use, and variation in customisation, affords the user the ability to control the light intensity, but also the spread of the light.

Daniel Rybakken, based on Norway, has a growing portfolio of work that spreads installation, lighting and illumination experimentations. With a background in Fine Arts and Design, his work spans across both disciplines, pushing boundaries through innovation on both accounts. The Ascent table lamp is an impressive display of craftsmanship and considered and user-conscious design; a true artisan.

Photography courtesy of Luceplan.

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