industrial design

Cosmos by Huzi Design is a beautiful set of magnetic wooden blocks with cool minimalist aerospace forms.

One can easily create any of the five distinct forms; a shuttle, rocket, satellite, lander or a planet. The set, which consists of 28 wood pieces and a total of 58 magnetic connection points, gives unlimited possibilities to make your own simple and elegant creations. Let your imagination run wild and create an intergalactic starship!

The design of the set is well thought through and really well executed. The wood pieces are made of solid beech wood that have a nice subtle grain. Selected pieces have a special coating to enhance the aesthetic and haptic qualities. The coating, matte white or black, has extremely low gloss and low reflectivity.

I think Cosmos is great set of building blocks that inspires kids to explore and boosts their creative play. The timeless design and the use of high quality materials and finish will guarantee long-lasting play time. But of course, Cosmos is not just for kids, the set is also made for the grownup who is still a kid inside.

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