9 Frames Hall


The importance of an entrance hall should not be understated, as it sets the tone for what the building is all about. Especially when said construction dates back from 1889. With that in mind, Poljane Grammar School in Ljubljana, commissioned the creative group SVET VMES for a noble cause: to take care of the ambient with great caution and propose new directions as well.

The Slovenian practice were bold from the get go, transforming the first room in a bright white cube all the while maintaining the details of each wall, columns and the stucco ceiling; each intricacy is preserved. Upgrading the visuals wasn’t enough though, the project goes beyond with the help of nine steel spatial frames spread throughout. All of them free to move and available for the student body to use them as they please — for school exhibitions or information boards — for example.

The intervention in hand using black geometric forms within a history tinged white cube is quite cinematographic, as it employs a sense of drama to daily life. The University staff and designers were quite audacious to propose a concrete-clad terrazzo podium with slight futuristic elements as an opening bid for a grammar school.

Hopefully this project is the start of a trend for unusual and unforeseen aesthetics around campus.

Photography by Matevž Paternoster.

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