House T

Cephalonia, Greece
Olivier Dwek

House T is a stunning minimal structure comprised of many intersecting white forms. Designed by Olivier Dwek, this home sits on a sandy site among the rocky cliffs on the island of Cephalonia, Greece. The various forms create planes where both indoor and outdoor rooms are located. The geometric construction also frames dramatic views of Greece's picturesque seascape.

The minimal interior features more white; it is this crisp whiteness that is presented not just on the walls but on the floor tiles, cabinetry, and even linens. These bright areas are accented by deep black details in the window trim and countertops. Of course, the most prominent detail of the interior is not on the interior at all. The ocean is forever present in the home due to the oversized windows plentifully placed across the building's seaside elevation. The abundance of windows offer views and reflections of the blue, blue ocean and neighbouring islands.

What more is there to say? Words cannot do a home like this justice: all we can do is gaze upon the photography and dream.

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