Stock Watches

industrial design

Melbourne-based Stock Watches is one of those crews who prove that it's not always about new and ever changing designs when it comes to pushing a brand forward. Yes, they added two immaculate new lines to the already pretty perfect S001 with which they started. And it's an impressive set of minimalist watches, covering a wide range of tastes. But at the moment they are bringing it on in so many other ways, too:

For starters they teamed up with developer studio 2pt to create an amazing shopping app. It is minimal and functional in design while providing the potential customer with a through-the-looking-glass-effect to see how the watches would look on the individual wrist.

Additionally the current lookbook, brought together by Brooke Holm and Marsha Golemac, has to be seen as a best-case example of how to perfectly set watches in scene without showing them on people's wrists. Although the setting is clear, linear and sometimes even museum-like, the watches themselves come to life elegantly.

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