Fuji Vase

industrial design

The Fuji vase has been designed by Netherlands based studio toer for Belgian brand Serax. The piece is only seven centimeters high, yet, thanks to its low center of mass and relatively wide ground surface, it can easily hold a flower up to one meter high. Here is how designers explain their concept:

The Fuji vase puts the focus on the flower itself. The porcelain vase serves as a steady base from which the flower can flourish. It draws the attention to the flower's ability to delicately grow towards the sun.

I love the subtle humour of the piece. Named after the highest mountain in Japan, the vase is intentionally tiny comparing to the flower it supports. I also quite like the fact that this shape allows displaying flowers diagonally and thus creating many different effects. The Fuji vase is made of porcelain and comes in six different colours.

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