Q1 Magazine Rack

industrial design

This simple and beautiful magazine rack that holds a copy of Minimalissimo Magazine Nº1 is part of Jonas Hansen's collection Q1 — a set of basic furniture and interior items made from laser-cut and powder-coated metal and recycled fibre wood or fibre cement sheets. The powder-coating displays an inimitable material character and thanks to the fine micro-structure, has the velvety impression of a matted metal. It is easy to clean and insensitive to weather and mechanical effects. Furthermore, it is free of toxic or environmental harmful substances.

The magazine rack is available in a number of finishes, including 4 powder coated variants — iron grey, ivory white, ultramarine and olive green. The fibre board finish is also available in 4 colours.

Jonas Hansen makes timeless furniture with every piece handmade in Germany with minimal use of materials. The designers spent a long time sourcing the best material available from German and Swiss manufacturers who are focused on producing environmentally friendly. Their belief in traditional family-owned businesses is very strong and all manufacturers Jonas Hansen works with go back a long time, the oldest back to 1877.

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