Quiet and understated: that is a description we’ve heard pretty often when it comes to minimalist fashion. But honestly, having a look at the latest Coltrane collection, these words take on a totally new meaning. They are transcended into a feeling of soft and warm effortlessness that is very tempting to dive into and never leave again. Especially if you’re based in a northern European city at this time of year — like I am — the creamy or dark coloured, lightly floating natural fibres, combined with crisp cotton shirts, as well as comfy looking business pants and skirts, are more than inviting.

Zurich-based womenswear brand Coltrane, was initiated by Amihan Zemp only in 2016. Yet it's obvious that Zemp has been a part of the sustainable high fashion scene for a while now. The Coltrane style is so confident and so linear that it took me some time to understand how it still manages to bring this immense ease into every outfit. It's the designers’ knack for a certain way of arranging exquisite fabrics that underlines their very virtues. Whether it be oversized soft knit sweaters, voluminous coats with classic lapels or perfectly cut pants with a precise crease, fabrics and yarns always plays the leading part. Needless to say that all these high-end garments are designed and made in Switzerland. Or maybe it should actually be emphasised, because it definitely adds to the cosy feeling. Also: for an extra dose of inner warmth, follow Coltrane's promising Instagram feed.

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