Quadrant House


There is no set floor plan for Quadrant House, a family dwelling in the Polish countryside. The family home, which was designed by KWK Promes, the architecture firm led by Robert Konieczny, is uniquely structured to change with the position of the sun.  The residence incorporates technology to monitor and respond to the sun, regulating the amount of daylight the home receives at all times.

Quadrant House is comprised of two asymmetrical rectangular buildings positioned perpendicular to each other. A third volume, housing the living room, is situated between the two. The living room is a long and narrow terrace with sliding glass windows on both walls. This room sits on tracks with mechanics that allow it to fully rotate between the other two buildings of the home. As the living room is constantly on the move, the size of the grassy courtyard shifts towards one side of the home or the other. At certain times, the moving structure ‘clicks’ in to place with the rest of the home and expands its occupiable area.

As you would expect from a dwelling which is able to change according to the sun’s movement, Quadrant House embraces the outdoors. Each room prioritises an indoor-outdoor connection, using sliding panels on the exterior walls to embrace the landscape. The colour palette and furnishings are kept simple, allowing the lovely landscape to take centre stage. With Quadrant House, KWK Promes have created a truly innovative and modern home.

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