Galamb Tailoring

graphic design

Hailing from Budapest is a secretive shop with plenty to offer for the lucky invitee, answering to appointments only. Galamb Tailoring focus on bespoke and handmade suits, with a strong emphasis on traditional methods alongside contemporary touches. As the brand moves to a new downtown location, they commissioned DekoRatio Design and Kevin Harald Campean for a full rebrand; from the logo to the last details in packaging. A handsome minimalist sensibility was employed with no holds barred.

The logo is a beautiful reduction of a flying dove, the meaning of Galamb in Hungarian. As the figurative element makes its way around the shop and details, the main packaging gets another visual feature however. A lone feather takes the central stage, literally, for the boxes. This is an interesting scheme to employ optical variety, and to mirror the attention to detail characteristic of the tailoring business. Two main colours were adopted to set the tone, grey and black — both in matte finish, an ingenious device to match with the architecture.

The simple quality of the branding extends the prerogative of the brand in all elements, from the feather of the bird to the immaculate elegance emerging from everything the brand sets out to offer its clients.

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