Waterloo Residence


Waterloo Residence is a family home in Montréal, Canada. APPAREIL Architecture was tasked with expanding the existing home and reorganising the common areas. The result is a modernised kitchen and dining room with an increased relationship to the exterior yard.

The goal of the expansion design for Waterloo Residence was to create a “lightbox” to increase the amount of natural light in the living and dining areas and highlight the surrounding landscape. The new addition has a white façade with floor to ceiling windows that peak in to the dining room and kitchen. A sliding door off the dining room provides an entrance to the backyard, encouraging the increased relationship between the interior and exterior spaces.

On the interior’s dark wood floors—a feature of the existing home—meets the new flooring in a dramatic intersection in the kitchen. The juxtaposition between the new, light tile and the dark hardwoods is enhanced by walls of wood panelling, which stores the pantry behind. White countertops are supported by glossy white cabinetry and white tiles above. The combination results in a sleek and modern kitchen. A glint of chrome, from the fridge handle and kitchen sink, reminds us of the utilitarian nature of the space. This is, after all, a family home, and form must follow function.

Waterloo Residence is a gorgeous design that acts as a reminder of our love of minimalism. Design does not need to be complicated in order to be beautiful or functional. Simple design, in the form of clean lines, material, and colour, clears both physical and mental space. Once all the clutter is cleared away, we are reminded that the real purpose of a home is the activity within it.

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