Wire S #

art & illustration

Belgian design studio Muller van Severen has crafted curving loungers called Wire S # from wire netting as part of a furniture commission for one of the Solo Houses, a series of architect-designed dream homes in Spain.

The designers worked with a stainless steel netting of two by two-centimetre squares to create the daybeds, which look like a curled up mattress or a sheet of paper, waiting for someone to lie down on. The pieces don't exactly exude comfort, so a perfect lounging experience would be complemented with the addition of blankets, cushions or sheepskins.

It’s obviously furniture but the emphasis is not completely concentrated on function and suggests different ways of living and use of space, can outline the purpose of their artistic expression, the designers explain.

I love these lounge seats — you can see through the object, but still grasp the architecture. Transparency makes the objects present and absent at the same time, they don't impose themselves on you, while they continue to be sculptural.

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