When not belonging to a religion with rules for clothing, it is sometimes hard to imagine from the outside how those devoted to it might go about choosing their outfits, their style. Soni Ruh switched from the outside to the inside view by converting to Islam a year ago. Soni found herself unsatisfied with the choice of appropriate fashion on the market. She was looking for something that might convey the basic values of her religion — like upholding people's rights and respecting the environment — while keeping up with modern style. She didn't hesitate to create the line she was looking for herself, by establishing RUH, the fashion brand for the modest woman.

RUH not only focusses on a truly ethical supply chain and affordable prices — both producers and customers need to be treated fairly — but also seeks to truly diversify the design range offered to muslim women. And this is my favourite part: Four times a year the brand collaborates with expressive young designers from all over the world, thereby giving back inspiration by dispelling stereotypes around modest dressing. The first collaboration could not be chosen more wisely. It is with Poland based design team THISISNON, no strangers to the minimalist design world themselves. And it totally worked for me. When I first discovered RUH I was simply amazed by the beautiful designs focussing on the staging of outstanding fabrics and pure silhouettes. The purpose of the clothing came second. I think that's the perfect way to approach this topic.

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