Sakhi Copenhagen

package design

Sakhi Copenhagen’s organic skincare range is a beautifully housed line, in effortless minimal packaging. Inspired by the Nigella plant and its many associated, and obvious, natural benefits, the range sees remedies at their purest and cleanest points. The package and graphic design is an extension of this philosophy. The eastern tradition is wholesome, authentic and integral — never artificial, and with remedies as part of an integral lifestyle, the brand is strong and ever so beautiful.

Passionately founded and curated by owner Farah Sakhi, her Afghan-Persian-Scandinavian decent-ed combination, sees a fusion of tradition, attention to detail and clarity that works so successfully. After spending much of her life avoiding the traditional toxin based remedies for skin and hair treatments, Sakhi Copenhagen seemed like the natural progression. The trend to move toward the natural, and the want for the masses to douche themselves in intentional goodness is one worth being a part of. Beautifully conceived, with design that only reinforces the ethos of the label, Sakhi is worth sharing.

Photography courtesy of Sakhi Copenhagen.

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