56 sqm Apartment


This cosy apartment is located in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, and created by talented interior designer Lera Brumina.

The 56 sqm Apartment is a minimalist apartment characterised by a narrow length with an open floor plan. The kitchen and storage are placed along a wall and feature custom built-in furniture in order to maximise space. A custom headboard constructed of walnut fills the width of the bedroom. Walnut is also expressed and accented in the living and bathroom space as storage panels. It has been designed for a middle-aged couple, who usually live outside the city, a pied-à-terre for temporary staying and relaxing after work.

There's much to love about this small apartment that offers a strong feeling of elegance and serenity. It's a light space thanks to Brumina's considered minimalist aesthetic throughout and the use of natural tones in furnishings.

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