Stora Sjöfallet


Stora Sjöfallet is a housing block located in a densely populated neighbourhood of Stockholm. Designed by Swedish architectural firm Joliark, the building is focused on using as few materials as possible. The paired-down design contains 30 apartments, each with a river view from oversized windows.

Large forms of structural concrete join together to create a most rationalist structure. On the roof, metal capped triangles provide a home for solar panels while distributing light to the units below. In between, roof terraces provide an outdoor space protected from the chaos of city streets.

Stora Sjöfallet evokes a sense of peace: the clean lines and repetition of form are soothing in our world of visual overload. Yet the building has personality, it speaks to you. The yellow accented windows seem to smile from their protective casing, inviting their residents home to a most superior dwelling.

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