Align Light

industrial design

Do you know this feeling? You enter a room with amazing light, then you follow it back to its source and realise: the design of the object creating the light doesn’t match the beauty of its emission at all. That’s why it is nothing less but soothing to come across the concept of Align by Antje Pesel.

The pendant light series consists of a simple metal hemisphere. A thing of minimalist beauty, it is not only soothing to the senses but also to the mind. Because it can be used in a great variety of ways and it isn’t difficult to install it. Whether you’d like to use Align as a pendant light, a standard light or a table light, the magnetic suspension allows you to turn the hemispherical lamp shade towards any direction you like. And the separation between suspension and electrical cable allows you to drape the lamp any way that might fit your interior. You have no electrical ceiling connection? No problem at all, use Align with a wall outlet.

But most stunning is the minimalism Antje Pesel was able to stick to while creating such a versatile lamp.

Align is not only immaculately designed but also absolutely correctly named. Because this lamp not only aligns the senses but can also easily be aligned with any interior you’d want to integrate it in.

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