Anno Stool


A minimal and clean combination in one shape, Anno Stool was conceived in 2015 by the two Copenhagen-based designers Claus Jakobsen and Jens Kajus under their brand name Million. The stool obviously captures the attention not only by its pure simplicity but also by the quality of materials that were used to design it. The wooden seat base of the stool, which is highlighted by a sensuous and decorative detail points to the sturdy construction of the barstool. Its shape is minimal, bold and clean.

Anno Stool has a typographic appearance—the narrow legs with the broad back seaming are designed to draw a calligraphic stroke. Anno Stool has a highly versatile design with a range of possible combinations of materials and a capacity to fit industrial and homely environments.

I really admire the care that's gone into the design of this stool. Every single detail was carefully chosen to keep the balance and the concept of less is more. Million innovates new products that can easily become the centre of attention in a place that reflects a minimalist design.

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