Ascension Lamp

industrial design

To be honest, it’s a bit difficult to find the right words to describe the impression made by Hayden Martis’ Ascension Lamp. The London-based designer himself already captured the whole concept and feel of the lamp in one simple but very precise sentence:

A sense of movement in space, through light.

When you have a close look at this lamp, that’s exactly what you’ll find. There is so little material to this object and yet so much expression. It is a rare instance where minimalism and organic shapes, intense reduction and the expression of motion, go hand in hand as well as in this design. Now, you might ask yourself: But minimalism is very much about functionality. Is this lamp really functional? I’d answer that the functionality of interior design is not only practical, especially when it comes to light. It is very much about creating a homelike environment, adapted to the taste and needs of the inhabitant. And I’d add that the Ascension Lamp makes such a huge impact on the atmosphere of a room, that it actually enables you to focus exclusively on practicality with every single other object you’d want to put in the same space. You would still feel comfortable and at home.

That is what really good minimalist design can do for you.

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