Banc Frais


Banc Frais, created by French designer Jean Couvreur, is a concrete bench with water supply. The design of the bench has a very smooth and geometric form which represents simplicity, aesthetics and minimalism. As the designer describes, the refreshing bench was designed for the public space at the Lyon City Festival which is held in Lyon, France each year.

The bench was made using white concrete and the use of it brings the porosity and inertia which also retains the freshness of the water that adds a very calm and fresh mood to the object. This technique is perfectly natural and consumes only the fresh water, which is needed to moisten the bench structure. The project not only represents the concept of minimalism but is also an example of the sustainable design idea. Couvreur explains to us that while global warming could lead to a 1 to 2-degree increase in temperature by the year of 2050, the development of the city centre buildings amplifies this phenomenon and contributes to the sensation of heat in public spaces.

In my opinion, being aware and considerate of the environment while designing a product is essential. The shape of the Banc Frais bench also simply and very quietly communicates how minimalism can change a place around us. The materials create the perfect balance between the concept and the appearance.

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