Cruiser Skateboard

industrial design

Saint Studio, the Brazilian design and fashion studio, bravely continues on its path to explore different facets of minimalism. This time around they tackle an iconic sport equipment. Cruiser Skateboard is an interesting collaboration with designer Guilherme Wentz; the end result is a mix of old-school sensibilities with the timeless benefits of stark black colour as the dominant element in a product category that thrives on visual and urban graffiti excess.

The main inspiration comes from the 1970's skates and surfboards and a strong individuality is guaranteed from the get-go. The small deck serves as the perfect skate for urban outings, making it a great starter kit for newcomers. As expected from Saint Studio, a responsible use of reforestation wood was encouraged and guarantees local production to the nimble skateboard.

The true element of surprise comes in the visual design though, as an absolute use of black colour alongside the natural colour of the wood are welcome to star by themselves in the unusual skateboard. The All Black and Cruiser Noir variations stand alongside complementing each other, one with the monolithic approach, whilst the other thrives with a single geometric line. Both are gorgeous compositions made for the street or to be proudly displayed in a living room. Who said urban culture is only about visual pollution?

Photography courtesy of Saint Studio.

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