Gordon Gallery


Gordon Gallery is a small concrete building located in the warehouse district of Tel Aviv. The exhibition space was designed by Gottesman-Szmelcman Architecture as the the third location for the prominent Israeli art house. Focusing on contemporary artworks, this gallery aims to extend Tel Aviv's art district into a previously industrial neighbourhood.

The gallery is nestled in a small opening between two existing warehouses, one being a zipper factory and the other a carpenter's shop. The façade is constructed of concrete, a material that is both industrial and decidedly contemporary. The long and narrow space has only three windows, set at the edges of the building, to bring in natural light without disputing the exhibition space. At night, soft ambient lighting, set in the ceiling, lends a glowing appearance to the structure. Polished concrete floors act as another reminder of the gallery's industrial surroundings. Gordon Gallery comes alive when its walls are covered in artworks. This small gallery acts as catalyst for the neighbourhood and Israel's contemporary art scene.

In the shop